Hoarder Cleanup: A Guide

Some people have a problem which drives them to acquire a lot of material properties which they stack up in the house without any of them being thrown away or being given to other people who are in need. When such a person is your relative, and he goes away from the house to another place, you will need to clean the space where he was living so that you remove the excess material and make your house clean and presentable again. However, the process of cleaning such a room will turn out to be a nightmare because you will encounter a lot of objects as well as rodents and other pests. The following tips can help you to clean such a place. See more on valet trash here.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you buy safety equipment that you will put on during the cleaning procedure. You are likely to encounter dirty objects, and you should, therefore, get hand gloves to protect you from direct contact with such things. You also need to have face masks because there will certainly be dust and other smelly material which might affect your ability to breathe if you do not take caution. You can also have an overall and boots to protect the rest of the body when you are cleaning.

Secondly, make sure that you take the objects and materials in the room and put them in separate categories depending on how they look or their state and ability to be used again. You can have one part of the items which are irrelevant, and they are to be thrown away in the trash or burned. The second category can be the items which are in usable condition, but you do not need them. You can give them to a needy person or family. Lastly, you can have other things which are in perfect state, and they are usable in your house so that you put them aside for washing and later use. Read more on hoarding cleanup services here.

Lastly, make sure that you make plans to help the person who has the hoarding problem by arranging for therapy with a professional. This will ensure that after you clean up the place, he does not come back and start hoarding other items in the same place again. It is important that the disorder is addressed and the cleaning done afterward with his consent. This will ensure that he does not get impulsive and try to fight back during or after the cleaning process. Read more at